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Online Tarot Readings + Intuitive Guidance

Magic bends time and space. 
An online tarot session reaches through the liminal spaces to connect you with your own possibility and potential. 

A tarot reading or intuitive guidance session is designed to leave you empowered, uplifted, and inspired.


That doesn't mean we won't take a hard look at the bumps in the road or the obstacles you might face, but we approach the opportunities and pitfalls in life with a sense of curiosity and care. 


These online tarot readings may challenge you to learn more about yourself and your path.  

Who Should Book a Reading?

Are We a Good Fit?

Life can feel chaotic, especially these days. It's normal to want to ask "What's going to happen?"


Tarot can sometimes be a guide to help us navigate what's coming down the road, but an intuitive reading shouldn't stop there. Life isn't as much about what happens to us, but about how we react and learn from the themes that are moving through our lives. 

Do you want to learn more about the prevailing energies and archetypes that are moving through your life?

Would you like to work together to learn how to embrace the change and observe your own patterns to work with opportunities and obstacles?

If you feel called to self-reflection and to look at both the light and shadowed aspects of life in order to court meaningful change, then these sessions are for you. 

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