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Skilled Bodyworker and Intuitive Practioner

My feet have walked many a path on my 30+ years on this planet. I've worked in the music industry, in television, as a ghostwriter and consulted for a handful of startups in my life as a digital marketing specialist. I've got an entrepreneurial spirit and a curiosity that helps me get shit done. However, in the last decade or so my soul has asked for more. I returned to my roots as the weird kid who could sense the unseen and talked to things that whispered from just beyond the veil.


In 2016, I took a leap and began reading tarot and practicing Reiki part-time. Before I knew it, I was teaching classes, appearing on podcasts and tv shows, and reading tarot for clients like HBO and the VIP tent at Riot Fest. But still, this wasn't enough - I experienced the most fulfillment when I could help others wake up to the magic of their own lives.


Bodywork had always been a modality that had helped me get out of my mind and into my body, and I became convinced that addressing the Psyche and Soul by way of the body was the key to remembering our innate wholeness and accessing our own magic. In 2020, I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts and began incorporating bodywork, energy work and soul work. 


The sessions I create with my clients emerge from the space the forms around us. Each session is woven from the potential of who your highest Self wants to become. If this sounds, weird, it's because it is. Are you ready?  

I'm not sure what to call this

“I never know what to expect in a session with Rachel. Sometimes I get a blissed out massage, sometimes my ancestors visit, sometimes we talk to my hips. Each time I receive a quality of touch that blows my mind and leaves me feeling more like myself.”

Jen B.

Lakewood, CO

Let’s Start Working Together!

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